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evolution of android security updates

android has a huge diversity in os versions, for enterpise is mandatory to provide high security …

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launched it’s own EFOTA service to control software update remote to your managed samsung device @samsung

android enterprise recommended

android devices must satisfy numerous requirements, including regular security updates: at least every 90 days, with monthly updates strongly recommended. @google


android one

designed by google. smart, secure and simply amazing

devices that run the unmodified android to provide best compatibility and support @google

project treble

restructued android os framework since android 8 to make it easier, faster, and less costly for manufacturers to provide updates @google

be aware of malware

samsung e-fota

wprobably the worst name for a service – but with samsung’s enterprise firmware over-the-air solution, you have control of os versions on mobile devices. you can test updates before deployment, ensuring compatibilities between in-house software, schedule new os version to provide feature and deploy fixes against security leaks


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